Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thoughts on respect

Hey friends,
I did a little online research on the topic of "respect."  I also looked through our local library catalog for books on the subject but there didn't seem to be any.
Anyway, here are some points that struck me about "earning respect."

- You have to respect yourself. Start by dressing like you expect respect. Take care of your health. Try to look nice. Take care of your grooming. If you don't even respect yourself enough to brush your teeth, why should other people bother to respect you?
- Respect others.  Don't use four letter words.  Don't be rude. Even if the other person doesn't deserve respect, be the better person. If you disagree with someone's opinion, let them have the freedom to have their opinion. If you must confront someone, do so as nicely as possible, without being a doormat.
- Don't act like a doormat.  If someone is being rude to you, walk away, if possible.  If you are stuck, maintain an aloof silence. Stick up for yourself.
- Silence. In general, a quiet person appears more wise and dignified.
- If someone in your life is not respecting you, talk to that person as little as possible.  Maintain a dignified silence in their presence. They don't deserve for you to be chatty with them or to share feelings with them.
- Don't smile at someone if they are going to misinterpret it as your acting like a con artist or doormat.( of course you should smile when appropriate!)
- Stick to your morals.  No one respects a compromising, wishy-washy people-pleaser.
- On a date (doesn't matter if it's the first date or the fiftieth)  If your date starts being rude, mean, angry, or pushing your moral/physical boundaries, leave BY YOURSELF immediately!  I was surprised when I read this.  By yourself?  Wow. That takes guts.  Call dad, a cab, a friend, whomever, and leave.

I am sure the reader can add many more good hints. 

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